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Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25th 2010

Hello....I am back! I went to South Dakota to watch my brother and sister-in-laws girls for just a couple of weeks.  It was so much fun! I had only been gone for about 3 weeks and already the girls had grown. Time goes by so fast! The baby, Claire, was rolling over and almost crawling and Zoey, the two year old, went from telling everyone "I need to" to asking "why"! Why?...."hmmmm...beacause I said so?!"  Well, that response doesn't work so well with Zoey, I found out she will just use it against you later.

So, I was eating dinner with Zoey and she wanted Ketchup for her fries so I got her some. She asked why I wasn't eating any.  I explained that I did not like Ketchup.  She asked why? I told her because I just didn't like the taste. She persisted and said "you need to try it." I said "I have tried it, but I didn't like it." She kept on...."just try it, just try it!" I asked her why it was so important for me to try it. She told me "because I said so." So I ask you, how can I argue with a two year old who has just used my words against me.

My stay in South Dakota was shorter this time, which I think made the return home a little easier. No tears just hugs and kisses!

I am not very good about flying (motion sickness) so, I take Dramamine when I fly. This time, however, I thought I packed one, but alas I did not have one. I asked my sister-in-law and she said she had some older non-drowsy Dramamine I could take. I was relieved. My plane was due to leave at 9:00 pm so I took the pill at 8:00 pm, an hour before the flight just like the directions recommend. By the time I boarded the plane I was feeling a little tired. My first thought was, Hey she said these were non-drowsy! I got on the plane and a nice little old lady who had never flown before sat next to me. She was very sweet and wanted to talk. I on the other had, started to feel soooo tired and I just wanted to sleep. The plane started to spin a little and then when the plane took off the motion started to make me feel queasy. At this point I was thinking I definitely took something other than Dramamine.  The cute little old lady kept talking and I am not sure exactly what I she said to me or what I said to her, but I remember thinking she's so cute and wanting to pet her head. Two hours later, when we landed, the daughter of the little old lady told me I made her mother's first experience on a plane a great one! Whew...made it without petting the old lady's head, I thought! We must have had a great conversation, I just don't remember any of it!
My boyfriend Richard picked me up at the airport and the pill I took started to make me feel worse. I couldn't lift my arms, my speech was slurred, and I remember my boyfriend telling me when we stopped for a soda to walk straight or they wouldn't sell me anything. By the time we got home, about an hour later, I was done. I don't remember much of anything. I woke up in my pj's, but I couldn't tell you how I got there. So I guess the moral of this story is I need to call my sister-in-law for more of those pills!

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